Friday, 30 September 2011

Just finished the new two colour grain sack design

I finally printed and created the prototype for my new design and I am pleased at how it has worked out, as this is the first time I have used a two colour process to print on fabric.  I took my inspiration from researching old traditional French grain and feed sacks and coming up with an original design printed on to a natural rustic burlap material.  For the insert I have used 100% duck feather as this offers a fuller look and tends to keep the cushion shape better.  I have already uploaded to the website and I will be looking to add some more images shortly.

Lots of Love

Friday, 23 September 2011

Printing Screens for New Cushion

Here are my screen printing screens drying.  Yes at last we have had some beautiful weather here in North Devon.  I will be posting the picture of the new cushion made up in a minute.  Thankfully it is a beautiful evening so I have enough light to take some.  This cushions needs to be made with 2 different screens as there are 2 different colours on it!  Intrigued?

Also there is the last of my alchamilla mollis.  Can anyone correct my spelling?  One of my favourite all time plants.  beautiful pale yellow delicate flowers and when it rains, it leaves stunning droplets on the leaves.  Also self seeds, to totally naturalises on the gravel.  Love it.  

Friday, 16 September 2011

New Design based on vintage grain sack with a hint of colour

Recently I have been researching some old grain sack designs and thought how great and timeless these designs are.  I noticed that for some reason most gain sacks had a coloured stripe down either the side or middle of the design.  Up until now I have only been working with black, so today I started a new design which will encompass this new coloured stripe.

 Unlike the previous designs, this will have to be printed in two stages using two screens to complete the full design.  I am going to experiment with this design, not only on cushions but also on sacks.  Sacks are something I have been thinking about recently as they can be used to keep a number of different things in while adding to that shabby chic and rustic look.  I have just recently made a sack for kindling wood to go in a fireplace based on a traditional grain sack design.  I am bored stiff with the usual basket that everyone has!  Anyway above is the design that I have recently produced and will be transferring to screen in the next two days. As soon as I have  created some products I will post them on my blog and website.

Lots of love